This report provides an overview of the barriers to professional licensure created by onerous occupational licensing regulations, as well as recommendations aimed at eliminating those barriers and facilitating the assimilation of military spouses into Mississippi’s workforce.

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 Occupational Licensure of Military Spouses in Mississippi: Barriers and Solutions

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 Occupational Licensure Full Report

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Sample Regulation

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Affidavit of Military Spouse

 Contact Information

 Statute Overview

Requirements of Mississippi’s Occupational Licensing Board Statute

 Color Key For Regulation Maps

 (Autism) Behavior Analyst & Assistant Behavior Analyst


 Agricultural Aviators

 Air Ambulance

 Allopathic, Osteopathic, Podiatric Medicine


 Art Therapists

 Athletic Trainers

The MS Department of Health's Board of Professional Licensure does not have any regulations allowing licensure by reciprocity for Athletic Trainers.


 Audiology & Speech-language Pathology



 Commercial Insect, Rodent, Plant Disease and Weed Control Work

There are no regulations permitting someone licensed in another state to perform commercial insect, rodent, plant disease and weed control work in Mississippi without going through the same licensure requirements as a brand new applicant.





There are no regulations providing for licensure by reciprocity or granting a temporary permit to practice as an independent dietitian immediately.

 Engineers & Surveyors

 Entomological, Plant Pathological and Weed Control Consultants

There appear to be no regulations allowing a entomological, plant pathological and weed control consultant to gain licensure in Mississippi by reciprocity.

 Eye Enucleator

 Fire Personnel


 Funeral Director & Funeral Service Practitioner


 Hair Braiders

There appear to be no Health Department regulations permitting licensure of hair braiders by reciprocity.

 Hearing Aid Specialist

 Hemodialysis Technician

 Home Inspectors

These requirements are statutory. There are no implementing regulations.

 Insurance Producers and Adjusters

Insurance Producers and Adjusters: There appear to be no regulations permitting licensure of Mississippi residents as insurance producers (i.e., insurance agents) or insurance adjusters on the basis of reciprocity.

 Jail Officers

 Landscape Architects

 Law Enforcement Officers

 Limited X-Ray Machine Operator

There are no regulations permitting licensure by reciprocity for limited x-ray-machine operators.

 Massage Therapy

 Motor Vehicle Licenses

There are no regulations permitting licensure by reciprocity.

 Nursing Home Administrators

 Occupational Therapists



 Physical Therapy

 Physicians Assistants

 Polygraph Examiners

 Professional Counselors


 Radiation Technologist

 Radiologist Assistants

There appear to be no regulations permitting licensure based on reciprocity.

 Real Estate Appraisers

 Real Estate

 Respiratory Care Therapists

There appear to be no Health Department regulations permitting licensure of Respiratory Care Therapists by reciprocity.

 Social Worker & MFT

 Tattoo Artists & Body Piercing Artists



The veterinary regulations do not discuss reciprocity or licensure by endorsement.