The purpose of RANKIN FIRST is to combine the economic development efforts of Rankin County to create a comprehensive economic development organization with broad powers to be utilized in the effort to create a higher quality of life for the residents of Rankin County. Another purpose of RANKIN FIRST is to improve and better Rankin County as a place to live and earn a living. The organization is a comprehensive economic development authority that involves itself in areas generally categorized in the economic development profession as the “Four Building Blocks of Economic Development”: Business Development, Workforce Development, Social Infrastructure Development, and Physical Infrastructure Development. Within these four areas, RANKIN FIRST engages in such activities as:new industrial, wholesale, retail, and technological development; development of industrial sites and parks including spec buildings, incubators, build-to-suit facilities, and sell or lease facilities; support services to existing business or industry; assistance to agencies, groups, or institutions which provide workforce or other social infrastructure preparation; tourism development; marketing of the County’s resources; and other such activities which can enhance Rankin County as a place to live and do business.