Financial Information for the state of Mississippi

Mississippi businesses need access to debt financing, equity investments, grants, and incentives to properly diversify. MDI is designed to help facilitate connections to the financial resources that your business needs to grow and serve diverse client bases.


Financial Capital Information

Debt financing and equity investment are required resources to support Mississippi business diversification activities. We can assist you with learning about the nuts and bolts of each type of financing and after a review of your needs, introductions to potential debt or equity sources.

Please contact us at to assist you with locating equity and debt investment options that may be right for your diversification plan ranging from banks to angel investors and from venture capital to private equity. If you let us know a little about your anticipated needs, we can attempt to assist you with the appropriate introductions.

To support deepening your knowledge on traditional local financing options, please visit our resources:

Introduction to Diversification Financing
Angel Funds 101
Angel Financing 101
Planning & Pitching for Financing


GAP Funds

The purpose of the OEA Gap Fund is to further the commercial potential of early-stage “dual-use” (military/civilian) technologies or innovations. Those technologies/innovations that are submitted to the USM Office of Technology Development would be eligible for review for funding.

Eligible projects may be proposed by the following:
1. Mississippi-located defense companies;
2. USM faculty, staff and/or students who are the inventor(s)/developer(s) of the technology that is resultant from a U.S. Department of Defense research initiative; or
3. Other potential dual-use technology from the USM research enterprise.

Funding will be awarded on a competitive basis to projects that require prototype development or another next stage of validation to demonstrate the technology (device, software platform or software application) can work and is scalable. Funding targets research conducted through Department of Defense funding and has the potential for commercial applications. Projects should be those that have been or can be moved beyond the basic research stage by demonstrating technical feasibility and verifying that the technology can be placed into a suitable business model. With a relatively small amount of funding, the project should increase the value of the technology and make it suitable for further outside investment, out-licensing, or for forming a company start-up around the technology.

Award will be in the form of “innovation vouchers” that can be used with USM or USM-approved vendors. Award maximum funding for the first-round is $7,500 and will be awarded for projects up to five months in duration or for the duration of the grant, whichever comes first. Awardees of first-round funding will be eligible for one of three second-round funding opportunities of $7,500.

To view the full list of requirements, go to the Office of Technology Development web page.

Submission Requirements and Due Dates
All responses should be submitted via email to Pam Thornton at no later than noon CT on Jan. 9, 2018. Only attached Microsoft Word compatible files or Adobe Acrobat PDF files will be accepted.

GAP Fund Process Implement & Apply Developmental Gap Funding


Mississippi Seed Fund

The Mississippi Seed Fund is managed by Innovate Mississippi. Innovate Mississippi provides high-tech, startup companies with access to pre-seed financing, early-stage risk capital and product development capital to stimulate and accelerate the development of high-performance, technology-based business ventures in Mississippi. The Seed Fund consists of the Proof of Concept, Research and Development, and New Technology Business programs.

For more information, visit the Innovate Mississippi website.


Tax Incentives

Mississippi offers businesses locating or expanding in the state a number of tax incentives, including state income tax credits and sales, use and property tax exemptions.

Income Tax Incentives
Mississippi Department of Revenue - Tax Information
Mississippi Development Authority - Tax Information