About Us

Zodiac Parachutes & Protection Europe (Zodiac Aerosafety Systems, formerly known as Aerazur) is recognized as a leader in parachute systems and protection equipment. It offers parachutes troop, ram air, cargo, guided, aircraft, sports parachutes as well as a range of physiological protection equipment for crews and passengers aboard aircrafts and helicopters. Zodiac Parachutes & Protection Europe also offers engineering services for deceleration needs. An example is the highly engineered parachutes we designed to land probes on other planets. Several of our parachutes actually landed on planet Mars. Beyond the products, you will experience firsthand the quality of our technical and sales force made of experienced skydivers ready to travel, to be by your side for training, jumping and offering technical assistance. Zodiac Parachutes & Protection Europe is here to listen to your needs and develop or customize a product to your need. The sustainable growth of our company is based on the respect of the human values and to the quality of the results obtained to the challenges we are pleased to take up with humility.

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