About Us

Our involvement in marine propulsion can be traced back over 150 years when the first Kamewa propellers were produced. In 1935 the first active fin stabiliser was produced by Brown Brothers. During the 1950s Rolls-Royce pioneered two important technical advances in marine propulsion - nuclear propulsion for the Royal Navy's submarine fleet and the use of aero gas turbines for surface ship propulsion. HMS Grey Goose commenced trials in 1953 powered by the RM60. The Proteus-powered Brave class entered service in 1958, and in 1968 HMS Exmouth, a steam frigate, was converted to an all-gas turbine test bed. Rolls-Royce today operates in both commercial and naval sectors, has manufacturing centres in eight countries and in-house hydrodynamic test facilities. With the broadest product range in the business, ship power, propulsion and motion control solutions can be provided for all types of naval vessels. This technological strength and an unrivalled range of products and services, gives Rolls-Royce the ability to design, build, deliver and support systems tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Our position and reputation for excellence derive from our ability to focus on - and respond to - the needs of our customers. We understand those needs and are determined to deliver the right solutions, and support them through life with the highest standards of service.

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